Why Join the Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce?

Exposure – Newsletters, guidebooks, and other chamber of commerce publications can highlight your business and increase the visibility of your product or service. The WRCC is a great source of information for visitors and residents, and consistently refer potential customers to local businesses.   Chamber event allows you to market your business to other members, whom you might otherwise never have met.

Support – WRCC can help your business be a stronger voice on issues that affect you, your employees, and your customers.  By working together to reach common goals, and collectively advocating for education, healthcare, and economic development our chamber members help improve the local business community as a whole.

Creditability – Joining the WRCC can positively affect other organizations’ perceptions of your business, and the views of consumers. Plus, some businesses also give discounts for chamber members, a great advantage for small or new entrepreneurs. The reliability and trust your company gains through The Western Rockingham Chamber of Commerce membership will boost perception of your brand as an industry leader, and possibly give you the potential to increase revenue.

Networking – The WRCC not only advocates for its members, but also brings professionals together to learn from their failures and successes. Attending chamber of commerce events can help you stay up to date on issues that affect our communities

Though it can require time and investment, becoming a member of the WRCC is a great opportunity to increase the reputation and reach goals of your business, and to make a difference in your community. No matter what your expertise, you are sure to make new business contacts through your our chamber, and expand your company’s visibility through a variety of channels.

Welcome To Our New Members